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When it comes to enchanting Christmas markets, the Netherlands may not be the first European destination that comes to mind. Compared to the renowned markets of Germany, Austria, and France, the Dutch Christmas markets often remain an underrated gem. However, if you’re seeking a unique and festive way to get into the holiday spirit, you’re in for a delightful surprise. The Netherlands hosts a range of charming and cozy Christmas markets that are sure to captivate your heart and offer an unforgettable yuletide experience.

Ice Christmas Village, Amsterdam

The Christmas market in Amsterdam, also known as the Ice Christmas Village, takes place on the iconic Museumplein in the heart of the city. It a delightful combination of indulgent dining and shopping within a magical winter landscape. There are over 45 stalls with handcrafted gifts, Christmas decorations, jewellery, warm wool clothes and accessories, and seasonal food and beverages. Unfortunately the ice skating rink is no longer on the Museumplein.

2024 dates: 12 – 26 December
Entrance: free of charge

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Christmas Market in Amsterdam

© Ice Village Amsterdam

Country & Christmas Fair, EXPO Greater Amsterdam, Vijfhuizen

The Country and Christmas Fair is a six-day Christmas market in the Netherlands. In previous years this market was held on the grounds of Slot Zeist and Castle De Haar. However, due to the impact of climate change causing disruptions to parking and the event area, the organisation has decided to move to a new location, “EXPO Greater Amsterdam in Vijfhuizen” in 2024.  There are over 200 stalls inside and outside, offering a festive array of Christmas decorations, gift ideas, and warm winter clothes, as well as delectable treats like chocolate truffles, French roasted garlic, and feeststol, and more.

2024 dates: November 19 – 24
Entrance: fee to be confirmed

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Valkenburg Christmas Market

Valkenburg, a picturesque town in the southern part of the Netherlands, is renowned for its unique Christmas market held in subterranean caves. This unique market is a one-of-a-kind experience as you wander through beautifully illuminated passages adorned with seasonal decorations. You can find delightful trinkets, gifts, and delicious Dutch holiday delicacies while exploring this enchanting underground world.

2024 dates: 15 Nov 2024 – 5 Jan 2025
Entrance: from €9

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Valkenburg Christmas market cave

© Kerststad Valkenburg.

Maastricht Magical Christmas Market

The Maastricht Magical Christmas Market, located in the charming city of Maastricht, is a fairy-tale-like extravaganza. With its twinkling lights, beautifully decorated stalls, and festive music, this market is a true winter wonderland. Roam the streets of Maastricht and discover the unique artisanal gifts, mouthwatering Dutch treats, and heartwarming ambiance.

2024 dates: 28 November – 30 December
Entrance: free of charge

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The Hague Royal Christmas Fair

The Hague’s Royal Christmas Fair, held in the heart of the city, offers an international festive experience. The market’s location, near the Binnenhof (the Dutch Parliament), and the iconic Lange Voorhout street, sets the stage for a royal Christmas atmosphere. Visitors can explore a variety of stalls, enjoy live entertainment, and savour Dutch and international cuisine.

2024 dates: 5 – 23 December
Entrance: free of charge

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Green Christmas Market in Rotterdam

The Green Christmas Market held at the Trompenburg Arboretum in Rotterdam is one of the most unique Christmas markets in the Netherlands thanks to its location among the tall trees of the botanical garden. The focus is on sustainability with connection to green-living. This is the perfect place to get fresh Christmas greenery for an Advent wreath and decorating your home and garden. Along the Christmas market route there are a number of exceptionally good food vendors and a selection of handmade products by independent creators and local businesses.

2024 dates: 6-8 December
Entrance: the regular entrance fee to the botanical garden

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Green Christmas Market in Rotterdam

© Where is the market?

Haarlem Christmas Market

The charming city of Haarlem hosts a delightful Christmas market in its Grote Markt square and the surrounding streets. Here, you can find an array of local and international products, from handcrafted gifts to delectable Dutch snacks. The market is surrounded by historic buildings, adding to its traditional, cozy atmosphere.

2024 dates: 13 – 15 December
Entrance: free of charge

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Christmas Market in Gouda

Warme Wintermarkt (Warm Winter Market) is a Christmas market in Gouda, the Netherlands with a focus on unique, local, handmade, and vintage items. You can find a variety of products for sale at the market, from warm felted sheepskins and handmade glassware to vintage wool sweaters and cheerful candles, as well as small artworks and even a belt made from worn bicycle tires. There’s also a gift swap organised for those who wish to get rid of their unwanted Sinterklaas gifts or exchange it for something else.

2024 dates: to be announced
Entrance: free of charge

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Leiden Christmas Market

The Christmas market in Leiden, The Netherlands is a magical holiday event that takes place at the Hooglandse Kerkgracht in the heart of the city, transforming its historic streets and squares into a festive wonderland for five days during the holiday season. There are charming wooden chalets brimming with delightful Christmas gifts, food trucks serving delicious winter snacks, and a cozy winter terrace where you can enjoy a cup of steaming hot chocolate or glühwein.

The Christmas market in Leiden is a part of the Winter Wonder Weeks. Besides the market there are also other fun winter activities such as a floating ice rink.

2024 dates: to be announced
Entrance: free of charge

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© Jelte Liemburg

Christmas Market in Deventer

Deventer is famous for the Deventer Dickens Festival, a step back in time to the 19th century. Held in the historic town of Deventer, this festival brings Charles Dickens’ stories to life with costumed characters and  carollers. Simultaneously with the Dickens Festival in the Bergkwartier,  the Christmas market will be held on Sunday, December 17th, on the Brink in the historic city centre.

2024 dates: 14-15 December
Entrance: free of charge

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